Explore Plan & Engage

It’s not what we do that is different from most other business development professionals. Instead it’s how we do it. We take the road trip with you. At Listen Up you have access to a very personal support team with a hands-on working style. It ensures full accountability from the whole team and drives us all to achieving your success.

Our journey together involves digging deep to figure out where you are and where you want to be. We assess what you need in your particular circumstances. We work closely with you via regular meetings and discussions. We listen to the challenges along the way and adjust strategies according to your results. We can guarantee that you will reach your goals because we work together to achieve them.

In the EXPLORE phase we diagnose the problem

In the diagnostic process – we listen to your challenges and examine your business structure, human resources, skills capacity, information technology, operations, administration, finance, research & development, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing and sales. We work together with you to identify the gaps and recommend realistic solutions to address them.

Plan your blueprint for growth

The process is benchmarked against best practices for building the foundations you need and ensuring long-term sustainability. We integrate measures for financial management, risk management, staff training and performance, client retention, brand management and, yes, marketing and sales planning.

Applying the principles of Engage

We can either ensure that you have everything you need to handle the processes and procedures on your own. Or we can run the implementation phase for you. Typically during this phase we will hold regular meetings, evaluate progress together, advise on issues as they arise, and make joint decisions about how to handle challenges.